Play Girls Dance Crew Interview!

1. How did the crew initially start up and how long has it been since the formation of the crew?

Our group initially formed because we wanted to perform a song by a group called After School. Fans of After School are known as Playgirlz. Our group is a play on words based on that name.

It has been just over 2 years since our first performance known as Play Girls

2. How are the members selected?

Initially our members were selected based on people who had expressed interest in performing certain songs. Now, as we have added new members, their selection was based on dance ability as well as temperment and their ability to work in a diverse team.

3. What is the most difficult part about performing?

Expressing the emotions of the music using the face while dancing. There are some occasionally difficult choreographies and being able to both dance and look happy or confident can be quite hard.

4. What initially made you want to perform?

Initially, our love of dance, the group After School and the opportunity to perform with new dancers that hadn’t interacted much before drew us to perform.

For the Matsuri, some of our members have been learning Japanese and were keen for the opportunity to perform.

5. What types of music (genre) does the crew usually dance to?

We usually dance to Korean pop music, but there is such a wide variety of genres within Korean pop music. We tend to dance to songs that are cute or quirky.

6. Could you tell us what future prospects you have in store for the dance crew?

We would love to perform at a variety of events! We’re also working hard to branch out into harder routines.

Some of our members are also branching out into singing so some future prospects may head into more musical directions.

7. What are the highlights (points of interest) of the festival are you most excited about?

We’re excited to see the traditional performances that will be on, as well as the performances from others. We’re also looking forward to experience part of the Japanese culture right here in Sydney!

8. Were there any particular reasons for performing at the Matsuri event?

Having seen previous Matsuri events in Sydney and the joy and happiness performers had brought to the festival, we were inspired to contribute to that kind of atmosphere. Also, it is always a pleasure and an honour to perform for a large crowd.

9. It’s a long way into the future, but are there any plans or ideas you have for the 2017 Matsuri event?

We’d love to perform something new and cool next year! The earlier we make plans the better the performance we can give.

10. Could you tell us what ‘festivals’ mean to you? Or what are the things you expect to experience from festivals?

Festivals are a celebration of life and the community. Being able to join the community in celebrating is a wonderful experience. A big part of what can be expected from festivals is the food. I’m looking forward to exploring all the great stalls that I know will be up!

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