It’s only easy with Ezy Tax Solutions!

Q:Could you tell us Ezy Tax Solution’s mission or goals?

We aim to influence and potentially change the accounting and taxation business in Australia. We offer Australians the opportunity to have access to the benefits that Japanese people have; a knowledgeable and intellectual company with a high level of service.

Q:What kind of services? If you refer to any special concept, please tell us.

Our services include business accounting, tax, tax returns, business consulting in our offices and online, as well as business start-up support. We’ve opened a new website for our Australian clientele. Our accounting and taxation qualifications allow our customers to complete their painstaking taxes as easily as possible—at low prices.

Q:Why did you choose Australia? And also, why in Cairns?

I first came to Australia thinking I was going to be a jockey, and I’ve lived here ever since. If it were to have been England or America, I think I would be in one of those countries now. A horse trainer I know introduced me to Cairns. I had heard it’s a fairly relaxed place so I moved there in 2006.

Q:How are you involved in Matsuri this year?

As a person with a Japanese ethnicity, I wanted to experience a Japanese festival in Australia. I’m supporting the Matsuri Festival in an effort to demonstrate the value and importance of Japanese culture through this big event. Since we’re a company from Japan, if we’re able to spread the word about our company, this will definitely help us out.

Q:What are your expectations for Australia and Japan’s relationship in the future?

I could say the difference between Japanese and Australian people is like oil and water. Though there are many Japanese tourists, migrants, and businesses in Australia, and recently more and more Australians are interested in Japan and visiting, we think it would be great if even more people crossed that culture-boundary.

Q:Tell us your hopes for this year’s Matsuri Festival.

With Sydney’s size and number of Japanese people, I’d hope this festival to be like other cities: great and memorable! If many Australian’s have a chance to witness and experience Japanese culture, I think that would be great.

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Translator: Theo Nettleton

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