Interview with Orion Breweries

1. Please tell us a little about Orion Breweries.

The company was founded 60 years ago in Okiwawa prefecture, Japan. As well as being the best selling beer in Okinawa, we export to 14 countries such as Taiwan, America, Hong Kong, China and Russia. We started exporting Orion Beer to Australia 5 years ago.

2. What sort of activities do you do in Australia? What is the best feature of Orion Beer?

Orion beer is proudly made in Okinawa. We sell the beer via A&E Beer Imports, based in Sydney, with a focus on mainly providing for bars and restaurants. Nationwide, it can be found in around 160 different locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Outside of Japanese restaurants, Orion beer is becoming more widespread in Australia as the taste goes with various types of cuisines from Asian to western.

3. Are there any plans to grow your operations in Australia?

In order for to become more well known in Australia outside of just pubs and restaurants, we’re trying to engage more widely with the Australian people by having stalls at events and establishing new connections with retailers.

4. What’s the best way to enjoy the taste of Orion Beer?

It’s best to have the beer chilled. The nicest way to enjoy it is to pour it carefully into a clean glass and get the right amount of froth.

5. What sort of food do you think is the best match with Orion Beer?

Because of it’s mild, refreshing taste, I’d recommend trying it with an Australian barbecue, it’s a great combination which really brings out the flavour.

6. What will you be doing on the day of Matsuri?

In association with Okinawa Prefecture, we’re promoting the unique culture, natural beauty and delicious food and drink of Japan’s only sub-tropical region. Please come along and see the promotion we’ve prepared.

7. What are you hoping for at Matsuri?

It’s a gathering place where lots of Australians with an interest in japan can come together.
If, through trying Orion Beer, lots of people can develop an interest in Okinawa and someday come and visit, we’d be very grateful.

8. Do you have anything to say to people participating in Matsuri this year?

From its origins in Okinawa, Orion beer makes a great pair with Australia’s weather and food culture, so please look forward to trying a mild, refreshing glass.


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