Find Harajuku Street Fashion, The Decora Factory interview

1. What are the activities of The Decora Factory?

The Decora Factory is a brand new label based in Sydney, bringing you daily kawaii wear and Harajuku Street fashion! We are designers and stockists in J-fash clothing, bags and accessories, everything you need to complete your look. We specialise in a variety of J-fash subcultures including fairy-kei, decora, lolita fashion and pastel goth.

2. Is there any significance behind what The Decora Factory means?

The Decora Factory draws inspiration from Decora fashion, a Harajuku street fashion founded during the late 1990’s through the magazine FRUiTS, and was thought to have been originated by Tomoe Shionohara. Short for ‘decoration’, it is a style which includes bright colours and layers of kawaii clothing and accessories.


3. Are there any points of interest you have on the actual day of the MATSURI in Sydney event? (performances/ stalls/ activities)

We will be running a traditional ‘garapon’ lottery system, where everyone who purchases something from the store gets the chance to spin the garapon to win an amazing prize!

4. Have you previously participated in MATSURI in Sydney before?

This is our first time exhibiting at MATSURI.

5. Lastly, what do you think about when you heard the word “festival”, what do you expect from festivals?

Yukata, yummy festival food and fun games!


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