Made in Okinawa. Delivering freshest to Sydney, Orion Beer is coming to Matsuri 2017!

Writer: David Chacon

Please tell us about Orion Beer.

The main office for Orion Beer in Japan is in Okinawa, and the company is turning 60 this year. It is the number 1 selling beer in Okinawa. In recent years Orion Beer has expanded it’s reach and is now readily available overseas as well. We are now available in 14 different countries including Australia, Taiwan, America, Hong Kong, China and Russia.

What activities have you been doing in Australia?

Up until now we have been focusing on targeting Japanese restaurants, but starting from October we started working with Japanese ingredient wholesale companies with connections to Australian restaurants. We want to spread Orion Beer to as many places possible.

What is the best way to enjoy drinking Orion Beer? What is the best food to eat with it?

1. Please keep your beer in a cool place

The ideal temperature for drinking is 6-8 degrees (a little lower in the Summer, a little higher in the winter). To ensure consumption at this temperature, we recommend refrigerating the beer 3-4 hours beforehand.

2. Pour it in a clean glass

We recommend washing the glass before use and letting it dry naturally rather than drying it with a tea towel to prevent impurities being left in the cup. We also recommend putting the glass in the fridge to cool it so that the beer will stay in the ideal temperature range for longer.

3. Make some nice bubbles

Starting gently and gradually increasing pouring speed, pour the beer into a glass whilst being careful not to let the bubbles overflow. At this time, the bubbles should begin to rise. Let the glass stand for a moment, allowing the vigour of the bubbles to gradually conclude. As the big bubbles burst, creamy smaller bubbles will remain on top. Once the vigour of the bubbles has settled down, pour more beer into the cup from the edge of the glass slowly so that the creamy smaller bubbles will gently settle at the top the glass. The ideal ratio of beer to bubbles is 7 parts beer, 3 parts bubbles.

The speciality of Orion Beer is its mild and refreshing taste which makes it perfect for consumption with meat. BBQ’s are a popular part of Australian culture, so we recommend having Orion Beer during those times.

Do you have any plans to develop new products in Australia?

We don’t have any plans to develop new products at the moment, however in Japan, the production of beer is limited to particular seasons. Should the need to create something new in Australia arise, then a chance to make something there may be viable.

What sort of PR activities do you have planned for the Matsuri Japan festival?

Similar to last year, we will cooperate with Okinawa prefecture to promote the culture, nature and cuisine of the only subtropical prefecture in Japan. We will also have promotional activities on the day of the matsuri, so please come visit our stall. We look forward to serving our beer to many people and informing people about Orion Beer, Okinawa and Japan.

Find out more about Orion Beer, please check the website!

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