Mr. Taketo Nakada Orion Breweries Ltd.

“Orion’s Features Beer Lover Want to Know”

Interview with MR. Taketo Nakada from Orion Breweries Ltd. about ‘Orion Beer’ exhibition in  Matsuri Japan Festival on 8 December 2018.  Only you need to do is drink Orion beer on that day after reading this article!
Let’s save its taste for the date of Matsuri Japan Festival! Enjoy having a taste of the beer in our Matsuri!



“Would You Like to Have a Great Taste Beer in Sydney this Summer?”
Beer lover must see this! ‘Orion Beer’ which is Made in Japan Beer, leads us to drink many glasses of them comes back to our Matsuri since it was highly popular last year.

Mr. Nakada: Orion Beer is one of the beers made in Japan, and its taste is light and suitable for the summer season and goes well with any kinds of food. Orion Beer is produced in Okinawa, which is located in the southernmost of Japan and warm island, therefore, its taste meets with Australia’s climate. Last year, this beer was really popular with those who live in Australia and nearly sold out before finishing the event. People who have not drunk enough last year and those who have never drunk it before should drink Orion beer and enjoy this summer.

“Do You Know Okinawa? Introducing Tourism of Japan that You Can Enjoy the Food and Beer!!”

New Experience of Tourism in Japan for Those Who Are Now Familiar with Orion Beer

Mr. Nakada: Okinawa is a manufacturing base of Orion beer, so you can enjoy not only the tourism in Japan but also having a great time with beer by visiting there. Okinawa is an island of Japan and also an excellent tourist destination for visitors who seek new experience of the attractions, delicious beer and food in Japan. The three spots: Orion Beer Happy park, Kokusaidori and Orion Beer Fest, are recommended to visit. Orion Beer Happy park is a factory where visitors can take a tour and learn about the manufacturing process and history of Orion beer, and it is very popular for sightseeing. Kokusaidori is one of the famous sightseeing spots in Okinawa and the area is full of Okinawan food stalls where both locals and tourists can have fun time. Lastly but not least, Orion Beer Fest is an event which you can enjoy stage performances and fireworks while having beer, which is taken place around four or five times during a year during summer in Japan.

The Appreciation that Orion Breweries Would Like to Express

Mr. Takewaka:

Since the theme of the Matsuri Japan Festival this year is “ありがとう ~appreciation~”, I asked how members of Orion Breweries would like to express their appreciation before concluding this interview:

“First of all, we would like to appreciate that a lot of people enjoy Orion beer. We are also grateful to distributors, volunteers of the Matsuri in Sydney and JamsTV for their support as well as for the opportunity to be able to regularly visit this big country, Australia, from a small island, Okinawa. Not only that, but people in Australia were very sweet and kind when we visited Australia. We sincerely appreciate the experience.” (Orion Breweries Ltd.)

Interviewer: Tomoka Okuhara