Let’s Build A Yagura!

Matsuri has always aimed to share the most vibrant aspects of Japanese culture. In order to bring an authentic Japanese summer festival experience to Sydneysiders, Matsuri has provided activities such as goldfish scooping, calligraphy and many more! This year, we aim to improve Matsuri by building a Yagura which will allow us to host night events such as ‘Bon Odori’.

By day, it will be a festive scaffold that represents the Matsuri spirit; by night, it will be the main attraction which everyone is invited to dance around, to the beat of the taiko drums. This will be the first ever Bon Odori to take place in Sydney – so we would love your support in constructing the Yagura and sharing this unforgettable experience with fellow festival-goers. On top of that, the Bon Odori dance is very easy to learn, so all your friends and family can join in on the fun!

We would like to ask you to join in and become part of this exciting project by donating what you can to us. But not to worry, even a dollar can earn you something! We pledge to provide all supporters with exciting gifts and sets on the day, including having your name printed on the board in the entrance or the Yagura!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for our exciting project!



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