Bring Universal Studios Japan to You!

Matsuri Interview with USJ (Universal Studios Japan)

Congratulations on 15 years!

Q: For people living outside of Japan, can you explain what USJ is about?

This spring, thanks to our customers and fans, we have a new theme celebrating our 15thanniversary. “RE-BOORN! Over the top!” has new and entertaining rides and attractions for everybody.

Including The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: The Ride 4K3D and The Flying Dinosaur with their cutting edge technology as well as the popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ with its overwhelming attention to detail. The towering Hogwarts™ Castle and magical Hogsmead™ village together with a variety of wizardly shops make people really feel like they’re experiencing the world of wizards. 

The day when you truly feel you can use magic has come! After you meet your perfect wand at Ollivanders, make your way through the back alleys, come across a wall of stone, try a swing of your wand!


 Q: Like the 15-year anniversary special rides and events, can you tell use the secret to your success?

We develop and expand upon our rides, events, and attractions one after another, and wait happily for our customers.

Q: Do you have any competitors? 

All of Japan’s many tourist facilities!

Q: Do you have any special services for overseas guests that come to USJ? (such as interpretation?)

We have park maps in English, and during times of emergency, we have translated facilities to help foreign language speakers.


Q: What are your hopes for the Matsuri Festival?

We hope that many Australians learn about USJ and get the chance to come!

Q: What are you doing on the day of the Festival?

We are running a booth, answering questions about USJ, and handing out pamphlets.


Q: Tells us about USJ’s prospects for the future.

Continuing into 2017 we plan to continue developing the world’s best entertainment facilities. In the first half of 2017 we will open the world’s largest minion attraction, the “Minion Park”. Brimming with realism is the new Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem attraction. From morning till night the boisterous minions will be out at play! They’re so cute and funny that children as well as adults won’t be able to stop laughing—it’ll be the largest and most fun minion attraction in the world!

Q: Do you have a message for people in Australia?

If you’re interested in to visit USJ, come and find more about us at Flight Centre, JTB, and Sachi Tours travel services.

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