Interview with Kohku Shuhai Service Co., Ltd

Interview with Kohku Shuhai Service (Logistics Service)

Q: What do Kohku Shuhai Service’s operations involve?

We primarily provide services in the logistics of distributing and transporting air freight. We are also starting a business to build in-house infrastructure such as airport cold storage facilities and to export various consumables including perishable products.

Q: How did Kohku Shuhai Service become involved with participating in Matsuri?

We were kindly introduced by one of our Australian affiliates, JTB Australia, and decided to directly market products such as Japanese sake to the Australian market. Thanks to JTB, we were able to make this a reality.

Q: Among the 12 various types of Japanese sake and wine you will be selling at Matsuri, do you have any recommendations for any sake and wine? What are their special characteristics?

For Japanese sake, Sankou Hinokuchi (Sankou Masamune) served chilled its flavour can be likened to frozen sorbet. As for Japanese wine, Kyohou Nigori (Maruki Wines) leaves a sweet taste in your mouth and is best consumed before a meal. Just as the name suggests, it’s a solid unique wine. With its smooth sensation, juicy and sweet flavour, it has a special appeal to females.

Q: What are your impressions of Australian alcohol?

Australian wine is strongly influenced by Europe in its image and class. Similar to drinking  Japanese Sake, drinking wine out of a wine glass is considered fashionable and stylish.

Q: How do you enjoy the wines you suggested?

As mentioned, drink the Sankou Hinokuchi as if it were frozen sherbet.
It’s perfect for a hot summer’s day and suitable for everyone. We are bringing it to Matsuri so please come and enjoy this  frozen cocktail-like sake.

Q:  Having participated in events similar to Sydney’s Matsuri in Taiwan and Singapore, could you tell us how customers there have reacted?

There are plenty of people who know far more than us about Japanese cuisine, so by travelling around the world we were always reminded of the charm of Japanese food.

Q: What are you expecting from Matsuri?

We are preparing many famous wines from Koshu in the Yamanashi Prefecture. We will be offering free samples so please come and try some. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments.

Q:  What are your outlooks from now on?

As a Japanese foodstuff exporter, not only do we aim to increase alcohol and food product exports, but also wish to increase distribution and logistical operations within the company.

Q: Do you have a message for the Japanese exchange students, people on working holidays and volunteers at Matsuri?

Celebrating Japanese culture outside of Japan is an interesting experience. Enjoy the difference.

Q: What does “Matsuri” mean to you in one line?

Having fun!

Interviewer: Fujita Ryouhei
Translator: Khodee
Editor: Angela

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